August Rosenbaum X Coco O.

We’re proud to present a new interpretation of August Rosenbaum's "Credo" made by August himself in collaboration with Coco O. of Quadron and producer Robin Hannibal (Rhye, Little Dragon, Kendrick Lamar etc.) .

While the original, which Mary Anne Hobbs chose as BBC Radio 6 Music’s Track of the Week, was an atmospheric and primary instrumental piece, “Credo, Pt. II” features a beautiful melody and lead vocal by longtime collaborator Coco O. with whom August has toured the world with as musical director and pianist in her project Quadron. This new collaboration was initiated by Prxjects by Mercedes-Benz.

“Coco's voice has been a huge part of my life for the past ten years since I started playing with Quadron. It was my dream to have her be part of the album and she co-wrote the song "Credo". When we got the chance, we made a whole new song out of the vibe on "Credo" and Coco sings on it - the result is "Credo Pt. II".“ August Rosenbaum explains.

“I wrote the lyrics back when I was 21 and never had been in a relationship - but it’s still feels relevant today somehow” Coco adds and August continues: “It says something universal about the quarrels of growing older and I really love the way it turned out. Dark, poetic and emo, it's the perfect mood for the fall”

The collaboration between August and Prxjects started last year before the album's visual side was developed and before August found his record label. Up until now the collaboration has primarily focused on the visual side of the music, including the music video of "Nebula", directed by Andreas Emenius and with "Credo, Pt. II (feat. Coco O.) "the collaboration takes a new and once again very ambitious turn.