The Fifty Eleven Project by Kasper Bjørke x Justin Tyler Close

We are proud to curate “The Fifty Eleven Project: An Audio Visual Exhibition” featured at Klub in Copenhagen from 12 - 21 October 2018. Kasper Bjørke’s album “The Fifty Eleven Project” interprets and evokes the emotional rollercoaster of his cancer diagnosis and the five years of regular check-ups to follow. With the two hour long ambient epos as soundtrack, the visual artist and director Justin Tyler Close and cinematographer Snorre Ruhe engages into an audio-visual non verbal dialogue with two narrative layers: One man's struggle with cancer and anxiety while facing his own mortality versus mankind's impact on planet Earth. In a poetic, visually striking and fantastic tale exploring the major themes of mankind: Birth, love, fear, death and rebirth, told through 11 chapters on 11 screens, with the 11 compositions as the soundtrack, the venture covers the spectrum of life through one man’s existential struggle after a cancer diagnosis.
Prelaunch. Photo by: Tue Blichfeldt
Still from "Dur for Vitus"
Prelaunch. Photo by: Tue Blichfeldt
Still from "CT"
Still from "Seminom non Seminom"