FRAADS x Blinker

FRAADS is a skilled Danish duo consisting of Papa Erotic (Frederik Espersen) and David Engelbrecht. Both their sound and lyrics stands out on the danish hiphop scene and Frederik's eccentric vocal fits with David's productions consisting of 808-drums, programmed synths and experimental sounds. During the early spring of 2019, they worked in the Prxjects studio and the outcome of their creative work became the single “Blinker”. FRAADS calls the single a hiphop slow song. The song is about love and escaping your inner demons. The sound is childish, acoustic and "cut to the bone". Besides a live performance on Prxjects Stage on Heartland Festival, the collaboration between Prxjects and FRAADS consisted of a single, music video, live video and GIF's. You can experience it all below. For credits, please scroll down.
FRAADS (Photocredit: Tue Blichfeldt)
FRAADS x Prxjects Studio (Photo credit: Tue Blichfeldt)
FRAADS (Photocredit: Tue Blichfeldt)
FRAADS (Photocredit: Tue Blichfeldt