Kaspar Colling Nielsen x Skabelsen af Paradis

We are proud to present our collaboration with writer Kaspar Colling Nielsen on a new podcast called "Skabelsen af Paradis" ("The Creation of Paradise"). It's a poetic elaboration on how to create paradise on earth. During five episodes Kaspar explores urban development, environmental and futuristic ideas and thoughts. He discusses these topics with Biologist Søren Rasmussen, Philosopher Ole Fogh Kirkeby, Scientist and Writer Mikkel Thelle, Futureresearcher Anne Skare Nielsen, Businessman Kim Rahbek and Landscape Architect Ulrik Sidenius. The episodes are curated with music by Mads Koch (Vera) and are further backed by a visual universe on with artwork by Andreas Kjærgaard. Listen to the podcast “Skabelsen af Paradis” and explore the universe on the link below.
Photo: Tue Blichfeldt
Poster by Andreas Kjærgaard
Artwork: Andreas Kjærgaard
Artwork: Andreas Kjærgaard