Liima X Music Video for "Russians"

An orchestral record found by the band members by coincidence inspired Liima’s song “Russians”. Awed by the music on this untitled record, Liima decided to sample a horn section. Later they discovered the orchestral piece was written by the legendary Russian composer Aleksandra Pakhmutova who had created it for the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games opening ceremony. Inspired by this Olympic connection, Prxjects produced a short film for ”Russians” that blurs the line between music video and documentary as it tells the controversial story of the 1980 Olympic Games where more than sixty nations boycotted the Moscow event citing political protest. To tell this story, the directors tracked down one of the athletes who was affected by the 1980 boycott, retired West German javelin thrower Michael Wessing - the gold medal favourite in the 1980 Olympics. His story is central to “Russians”, and he talks frankly about the protest and its lasting effect on his life, which ultimately led to him giving up his career and Olympic dream. Dive into the music of one of Denmark’s premier alternative acts when watching the video for Liima’s “Russians”.

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