Reptile Youth Collab X Music Video for "JJ"

The single JJ and its music video by Rasmus Weng Karlsen was the first sign of a new, more experimental, sound by the band. A move that was well received by fans and music journalists alike. The music video was premiered by Soundvenue and The Line Of Best Fit who summed up the song and video saying: "Bouncy rhythms and swirling, My Bloody Valentine-indebted guitars spin over five minutes of hypnotic shoepop, paired with stunning black and white videography. “Testing out your immortality”, vocalist Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen shoots from the back of his throat as we peer in on him and co-member Esben Valløe suitably sacrificing themselves to icy seas. As joyful basslines pop and guitars crunch, we are constantly awaiting their next move, if only to get swallowed by the track’s attractive, patterned melodies."
photo by tore hallas

Watch the video: