Reptile Youth Collab X Piano Interpretations

With the second Reptile Youth album "Rivers That Run For A Sea That Is Gone", lead singer Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen was pining for a more honest sound. Inspired by this longing, prxjects and Reptile Youth collaborated with the talented Jakob Littauer on piano interpretations of songs from the album. The interpretations were released as a string of videos leading up to live performances at CPH:DOX, and at SPOT Festival in front of 1.600 seated guest at The Aarhus Concert Hall. Performances that were honoured by critical acclaim and standing ovations.

Where You End I Begin  (piano interpretation)

Black Swan Born White (piano interpretation)

All Of The Noise (piano interpretation)

Structures (piano interpretation + visuals by Abby Portner)

Selected press:

Nordic By Nature